Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Music's Sexiest Women Of The 1980s Part 2

Yes, it's the conclusion from Monday's post that you've possibly all been waiting for (who am I kidding?) It's time to count down the final 5, again in no particular order...

6. Bananarama

A veritable three for one. Yes I know this is possibly cheating, but hey, my blog my rules. From l to r, Keren Woodward, Sara Dallin and Siobhan Fahey; there was some beauty under that big hair. If I had to choose though, I'd say Siobhan, who of course later went on to Shakespeare's Sister.

7. Wendy James

Wendy James of Transvision Vamp, quite the vamp indeed! An image based on being sexually charged and rebellious worked wonders for the 80s music scene. When Transvision Vamp split, James wrote to Elvis Costello 'for advice' and he proceeded to write an entire album's worth of material for her, which became her 1993 solo album.

8. Tiffany

Unbelievably cute and internationally famous at the age of 16, Tiffany's career seemed to consist of her touring shopping malls in the US and singing to a host of bemused shoppers. Here in the UK, we didn't really do 'malls' so it was all quite fascinating! A bit of a flash in the pan, Tiffany's last gasp was voicing Judy Jetson in The Jetsons movie. I'm told she posed nude for Playboy in 2002 *reminds self to google search that later!* I will never forget being at junior school in '87 and hearing one schoolmate who was besotted with her announce that she was a dog, because 'dogs are part of nature and nature is beautiful' Messing with our minds people! 

9. Joanne Catherall

Otherwise known as 'the dark haired one off of The Human League', often followed up with this other tidbit, 'you know, the fit one?'. Some of that may sound a little bit cruel to bandmate Susan Sulley ('the blonde one' or 'her with the massively long arms') and indeed, this post may come off cruel with me only selecting Joanne - after all I selected all of Bananarama - but, like finding the blonde one the fittest in ABBA, it seems the majority find the dark one the fittest here. Phil Oakey must agree to a certain extent, as she always seemed to play the object of his affection in the videos, especially Don't You Want Me Baby

10. Kate Bush

Well seriously, who else was it going to be but the beautiful, the blessed Kate Bush? Music's sexiest woman ever!


  1. I maintain that Anni-Frid and Suzanne are in fact the true sauce pots in Abba and the Human League respectively. Holding this opinion regularly gets me into heated debate at parties.

    Is that picture of Joanne from a bukkake video?

    I am loving this blog.

    1. It's difference that makes the world go round ;)

      Haha! That'd be a best seller!

      Aww thank you. I am loving your replies.

  2. That crappy, awful, cheesy Kate Bush video breaks me up to little pieces every time I see it. The weird thing is that the male lead is Tim McInnerny who is embossed on my heart as the dim one from Blackadder. I held Kate Bush up to be my ideal for human beauty for... years... ever. Forever.

    Saw Wendy James' Transvision Vamp at a Trip to Tipp about a million years ago. They didn't go down well with the Irish festival audience and either she didn't hear or chose to ignore the organised chanting because she kept her top on throughout. I think they were a decent pop band for their time. I cut pop a lot of slack because it's ephemeral, like morals and vaccination.

    1. She's still the ideal for me *sighs* So beautiful, so talented.

      Kudos to her for carrying on I guess. Thanks for stopping by, best description of pop I've read for some time there!