Monday, 11 February 2013

Music's Sexiest Women Of The 1980s Part 1

Following the posts I did previously on TV's sexiest women of the 80s, I thought I'd turn my attention to music. So, here's the first five, in no particular order...

1. Sabrina Salerno

Exotic and extremely busty, Italian beauty Sabrina was a Euro pop singer that knew all too well that sex sold; the unabridged video for her hit single Boys Boys Boys saw her dancing so enthusiastically that she revealed a nipple from her bikini top. Sadly this version of the video was never shown on Top Of The Pops, though it's probably just as well as it was already a strange white heat mix of pleasure and awkwardness for me to watch as a young boy! She certainly was the talk of the playground

2. Clare Grogan

A definitive 80s fantasy girl thanks to stealing the hearts of a generation thanks to a beautiful turn in Gregory's Girl, it came as no surprise that she could sing too and steal those hearts all over again months later with her band Altered Images. Cute, elfin and Scottish, what was not to like about the gorgeous Clare Grogan?

3. Patsy Kensit

To be fair, one doesn't necessarily think of music when one thinks of Ms Kensit. Well, not performing music at least, the immediate thought is marrying musicians! However, she did have a brief period of pop stardom with Eighth Wonder before moving onto a career in films, including Absolute Beginners and Lethal Weapon 2, and a liking for wedding cake.

4. Kim Wilde

Smoky eyed pop princess whose father was King Of The Teds Marty Wilde, Kim  was a choice pin up for male bedrooms up and down the country throughout the 1980s, and is still someone I wouldn't mind getting down and dirty with...although as a professional landscape gardener these days, I think her idea of getting down and dirty is rather different! Last heard of bringing some Christmas cheer to a busy tube train full of bored commuters by belting out one of her classics in the winter of last year. A game fun girl is Kim.

5. Sade

Sade was a classical dusky beauty who achieved the impossible; making wine bar jazz music seem almost respectable and cool for a period in the 80s. Not even having an idiot slap bass played who held his instrument virtually under his chin in her band could drag our eyes away from Sade's glamour at the mic. Like Kensit, she also appeared in Absolute Beginners. She also had a jaw droppingly pert rear, which I think this video shows off very well

So, that's the first five. I'll post five more in the week. But what do you think? Have I got it right so far, and who do you think will, or should, complete the ten?


  1. Replies
    1. Well I knew from last time that you'd appreciate Kim Wilde at least ;)

  2. Some suggestions for part 2:

    Annabella Lwin
    Siousxie Sioux
    Suzanne from t’League
    All of Bananarama
    Wendy James
    Tracy from the Primitives
    Andrea from the Darling Buds

    Therein lies all you need to know about my musical development over the decade.

  3. Hmm, Suzanne not Joanne eh?

  4. What about Mandy Smith? She's the most beautiful singer i have ever seen.

    1. Close, but didn't make the final cut.