Thursday, 31 January 2013

TV's Sexiest Women Of The 1980s Part 1

Spurred by an online article I've seen, I thought I'd compile my own list of the sexiest women on TV in the 1980s.

In no particular order...

1. Heather Thomas as Jody Banks in The Fall Guy

Enjoyable stunt man based bounty hunting action drama starring Lee Majors, The Fall Guy was great viewing for kids. Yet even at the tender age of 7 or so, I was well aware that Heather Thomas coming through those saloon doors in a bikini made me feel funny. 

What saloon doors? What bikini you say?


2. Marilu Henner as Elaine O'Connor Nardo in Taxi

The immensely funny trials and tribulations of The Sunshine Cab Company of Taxi was often enlivened by the feisty beauty of Marilu Henner

3. Cybill Shepherd as Maddy Hayes in Moonlighting

My ultimate personal favourite, Moonlighting was a show I adored, and I adored Cybill as Maddy even more. I've said this before but I even had a picture of her on my wall when I was six! It also explains why I've always had a thing for unattainable statuesque and slightly kooky blondes

4. Heather Locklear as Stacy Sheridan in TJ Hooker

There was only one way to distract us from the fact that William Shatner was far too portly - even in a girdle -  to be chasing down bad guys and that was to have Heather Locklear alongside him.

But with Heather's Stacy Sheridan chasing down the villains, why on earth were they trying to get away?!

5. Catherine Bach as Daisy Duke in The Dukes Of Hazzard

This rather naff and endlessly repetitive Good Ol' Boys action comedy created an icon out of Daisy Duke thanks to the gorgeous Catherine Bach. In the Deep South reality those Duke brothers would have knocked up their cousin before she was fourteen. In reality their cousin would weigh about 360 pounds and still try and squeeze into those 'daisy dukes' *vom*

More to Follow!


  1. Oh absolutely Martin, absolutely. But I'm concentrating on TV stars ie actresses. Maybe next time though ;)