Saturday, 10 November 2012

Kirsten O'Brien

Twas a bit of a blast from the past tonight when I settled down to watch a celebrity version of the quiz Pointless to find former children's BBC presenter Kirsten O'Brien as one of the celebrity contestants.

As a teen in the 90s I would watch CBBC when ostensibly doing my homework and I always enjoyed Kirsten and her natural flair and Teeside accent. Not classically beautiful by most standards she was nonetheless really sweet and a lot of fun.

More, she became better looking with age too

I'm not alone in my Kirsten appreciation it seems as a quick look on the net shows a lot of very intensive admiration of her, with slowed down videos and close ups of her cleavage and her feet when presenting!?!

Best of all though is this, which I think came from 2009's BBC3 show Kirsten's Topless Ambition a documentary that looked at the former CBBC girl's half hearted tentative bid to join the ranks of fellow colleagues Gail Porter and Fearne Cotton and appear in sexy shoots for lads mags

I remember watching at the time and found it a strange documentary. It awkwardly posited the notion that the suicide of Kirsten's SMART co presenter Mark Speight and the ill health of her mother had caused her to consider her career and wonder about the next level. It really didn't sit well as frankly it was clear that really the show was just about showing how some presenters can go down the glamour route whilst others cannot and just why that may be. Kirsten's commitment to the opportunity never rang true (besides which she's forged a secondary career on the stand up comedy circuit and is a regular in panto every Xmas) and I felt for her as she was hauled up in front of lads mags editors and sleazy old Peter Stringfellow and told bluntly "no bloke would want to wank over you" Charming!

Anyway, it was nice to see her on our screens again in Pointless tonight and I hope we can see more of her soon.

It has however made me wonder what happened to other CBBC presenters such as the heavenly Kate Heavenor? (last seen presenting Channel 5's late night roulette show)

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