Saturday, 27 October 2012

Saying Farewell To The Finest Sitcom Of Recent Years


Just perfect, but by God, so sad.

Everything ended exactly as it should have done; Tucker sadly burnt out, Glen washing his hands of the whole sorry lot (and it's always a joy to see James Smith 'go Peter Finch') Nicola doomed to suffer indignity after indignity, Stuart - the perfect embodiment of Steve Hilton style 'guru' guff - sacked, the Lib Dems and Tories still struggling away at DoSAC, with Terri (who will never escape!) and the eternally opportunistic Ollie climbing the greasy pole to Malcolm's role, happy for now, but doomed to suffer the same fates as him.

There's always the small slim chance it will return and that Malcolm will live to fight another day, it remained open ended I suppose, but if it were to end for good here, it's done it admirably. Thanks to everyone, all the cast, crew and writers (and to Chris Langham too, without whom the whole thing wouldn't have gotten to where it stood now, however much some try to forget it) Thanks for seven years of some of the best comedy drama ever. Because that's what it was really, despite my title it was not a 'sitcom', it could never be pegged in such a narrow category. It was too brilliant for that.

 And hey, there's always VEEP from now on at least.

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