Friday, 21 September 2012

A Very Peri Picspam!

*Sighs* Nicola Bryant aka Peter Davison and Colin Baker's Doctor Who assistant Peri Brown. This girl got me through my hard, my very hard (fnar fnar) teenage years

I have never envied a hat so much as I have in this photo!

With Peter in Lanzarote for a Bond style promo shoot for her first story,'Planet of Fire'

I have this book - The Companions - and yes, if you stare really hard, you can see what you think you can see!

Flying the flag - Peri was American, a nationality Nicola had to pretend to be during pre publicity

In Spain for The Two Doctors

And still hot today at 50!

Amazing to believe she married a fan, Nev Fountain. Damn, that could have been me *wishful thinking!*


  1. I can see why you "sigh", she is gorgeous! And still is. Thanks for all the blogs.

    1. Thanks. Sexiest companion ever....alongside Karen Gillan

  2. Such a lovely and talented lady.