Sunday, 26 August 2012

I Stand Corrected

For a long time now I've bemoaned many things regarding TV, but especially the following; that no channel makes an effort for a bank holiday and that stand alone plays aren't made any more.

Tonight, both of those criticisms have been blown away by two different channels and two different programmes.

Sky One finally broadcast Charlie Brooker's crime thriller spoof A Touch Of Cloth; a genius laugh out loud hilarious comedy in the vein of Naked Gun and Police Squad but with a specific nerve hitting ability for British TV detective dramas. And with part two tomorrow night, we are definitely in for some Bank Holiday special TV.

And immediately afterwards BBC2 broadcast the best stand alone play I have seen in some time; Murder : Joint Enterprise. An absolutely brilliant engrossing hour of TV from the makers of Cops and the director, Birger Larsen, of The Killing series one and some episodes of the Swedish Wallander

I stand corrected.

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