Thursday, 28 June 2012

We are not aMUSEed : An Olympic Prog Plea

It's no secret I hate Muse.

They're a band I just don't get. Not helped by the fact my last ex was obsessed with them, following them and watching them live like others would follow a football club. But for me, they're just a faux pomp rock/prog rock band for girlies and immature boys who feel real rock is just a bit too hard for them.

If Queen were the Lidl Led Zep, then Muse are the Aldi Queen...and I always say beware pale imitations.

So it absolutely stuns me that their remarkable success has now incorporated them bagging the official 2012 Olympic anthem, called 'Survival' Having just heard it on Radcliffe and Maconie's 6 Music show I am even more stunned; it is, as both presenters agreed, God awful. A totally up it's own bottom, smug and OTT anthem in the Queen mould with shades of third rate Rick Wakeman. 

Why? Just why? Jeez, go and listen to the originals and the best not this pale poncey pastiche! Seriously it was like something The Darkness would knock up, but without the tongue in cheek vibe.

Honestly, I'd rather listen to this...

Honestly, listen to Queen, listen to Led Zep, listen to King Crimson, listen to Genesis, listen to Caravan, listen to Focus, listen to Camel, listen to anything but this wank 'homage' that makes chinless wonders millions. Grow a pair and listen to THE REAL THING. Listen to REAL MUSIC!

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