Saturday, 23 June 2012

The Only Colleen Worth Hype

With that jacket potato with a pubic hair topping known as Wayne Rooney scoring a goal against the Ukraine that frankly Stephen Hawking could have toed in with a brief power surge, our media has inevitably and very prematurely decided to say 'hang on a minute, we could win this' (copyright surely goes to Michael Caine for uttering just that in Escape To Victory?) ahead of tomorrow's big game, whilst at the same time and with an numbing inevitability begun to sniff once more around the power behind the poorly thatched throne, namely WAG (aka professional oxygen thief) Colleen Rooney.


There's only one Colleen worth media hype. I am of course referring to the American cultural icon and fashion supermodel of the 60s and 70s, the gorgeous Colleen Corby


  1. The only Colleen worth media hype?
    Then it is my pleasure to introduce the self-styled "world's sexiest DJ"...

    1. I'll stick with Colleen Corby thanks. Bit too plastic fantastic for me that lady, sorry!