Thursday, 31 May 2012

Why 1980s US TV Was Better

Don't get me wrong, US tele of recent years has had some absolute gems like The Wire (one of the best ever TV shows - so damn fantastic it cannot be grouped with anything) Deadwood and Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO is just amazing clearly - and less US centric stuff like Rome and Game Of Thrones to that too and just, wow) as well as enjoyable successes like Sons of Anarchy, Justified and House and even stuff that were really rather good but unfortunately not deemed successful enough like The Riches, Lie To Me and The Chicago Code

But, the following surely triumph over anything currently made on US TV because a) they were bloody brilliant and stand the test of time and always will and b) they're nostalgia and c) God, they're good themes!

So yeah when it comes to US TV in the 80s compared to now, you could say for the 80s....

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