Wednesday, 30 May 2012

In The Year Of Our Lord 1980

Antagonism between old Raging Bullring himself, Paddy Considine, as top cop Peter Hunter (based on John Stalker) and the rotten to the core local cop Bob Craven played by Sean Harris. The pair had previously played Joy Division manager Rob Gretton and lead singer Ian Curtis respectively in 24 Hour Party People

1980 another gripping 'chapter' in the trilogy, made all the more unnerving by the grafting of the real life Yorkshire Ripper case of the time and co-starring the great Maxine Peake. Anyone reading who enjoyed this film should check out the dramatisation of the real police squad's efforts to catch Sutcliffe entitled This Is Personal: The Hunt For The Yorkshire Ripper It's stupidly unavailable commercially, but again if you know where to look...

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