Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Girls With Guns and A Quick Update

First off, another Girls With Guns update....

And after three days of voting....

It's currently very close, with both bands neck and neck in the poll.

The Beatles got off to a great start beating The Rolling Stones at three to one but The Stones have had a bit of a spurt on in the last couple of days to come up alongside them.

Three more days left to cast your vote!


  1. I voted for The Beatles. I like the Stones (although mostly their 60s work) but they just haven't had the impact on me that The Beatles have.

  2. Of course, The Who are better than either of them ;-P

    1. Reminds me of when people used to ask 'Blur or Oasis?' in the 90s and my answer would always be 'Pulp' ;)