Monday, 30 April 2012

Definition of Upstaging

J Marie Cooper (Strictly Come Dancing singer) on The Voice, performing 'chest thrusts' 

That is 'The Sex' 

Sadly, she didn't go through. But the girl that did beat her, went out at the weekend!

Full video here. Chest thrusts at around 1 min 50 seconds. Yes, I'm a lech, I know.

I quite like The Voice; Yeah it's naff and a bit up itself in places, but it does seem to want to find new talent and, unlike the Cash Cow-ell enterprises, it does seem devoid of ego and actually about the contestants, giving them their say and allowing them their opinion and say. It's more like Opportunity Knocks than anything that odious aforementioned Flat Top creep has devised. And you can't deny the nous of the coaches; Tom Jones (roughly fifty years in the business and still going strong) (globally respected performer, producer and all round likeable funky Yoda figure) and Jessie J (Top selling artiste on both sides of the pond) but Danny O'Bono-wannabe on the other hand....ugh. I hate him, how he beats his chest and rolls his fist at each song, flaring his nostrils like he's savouring his own farts. What a huge arrogance for such a little nobody.

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