Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Out On Blue Six : Billy Bragg

Something suitably shimmery, summery and all round life affirmingly lovely as we enjoy this rather nice little heatwave. Hope the sun is shining on each and every one of you

Billy, Kirsty (RIP) and Phill Jupitus (who directed the video) etc all look like they had such a ball filming this.

End Transmission


  1. Christ, that takes me back!
    First year at London University; bought that album on vinyl and played it over and over. Don't think I've even thought about it since...
    Along with the first Suede album and the first Saint Etienne album, it screams Greenwich, 1992 at me... Fancied myself quite the Robin Tripp, I did - now I'm more like Mr Roper.

    1. Glad to give you a TARDIS experience ;)

      92 was my 2nd yr at High School - don't hate me! But it is extremely nostalgic for me, even though any song with sex in it would make me very conscious of listening to it around parents haha.

      Currently fancying myself as Robin Tripp, armed with a decades old copy of The Pauper's Cookbook and making scones this afternoon!

    2. You mean you don't have a copy of Richard O'Sullivan's 'Man About the Kitchen' ("a cook book for people who can't cook much")???

      It's always on display in my kitchen, so people can see what a discerning chap I am!

    3. Haha no! I'd hitherto been unaware of such a tome's existence!