Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Jenna-Louise Coleman Joins Doctor Who

The former Emmerdale and Waterloo Road actress (as well as appearing in Captain America) Jenna-Louise Coleman has been announced as the new companion in Doctor Who when the Ponds leave.

Excellent news I think. She's a great actress and easy on the eye.

However, you can't please everyone can you? And it has come to my attention that some 'charmer' posted this on a forum today;

'She looks chubby. I hope she's not prone to sweating in the running up and down corridor scenes'


The little sad act, when challenged, went on to post

'I'm sorry but overweight people are prone to sweating'

We've had this discussion before I know ( but seriously what is wrong with society these days?! For this little tit's information; Jenna-Louise is not overweight, she's.... wait for it....a real woman! Not one of those stick thin computer enhanced wank fetishes you salivate over whose only body fat is disproportionately placed around the chest and rear that cannot be physically possible! I do genuinely worry about these saddoes and how they'll react to real women when they step out of their seedy smelling bedrooms and come blinking into the light of the real world and see what real women actually look like. But worse, I do worry if there are girls out there who actually hear this kind of guff and start worrying about their own bodies.

One can only wonder and worry at what this delightful little trollish tosspiece would think of Who former companions like....

Victoria (Deborah Watling)

Romana (Mary Tamm)

Tegan (Janet Fielding)

Peri (Nicola Bryant)

.... he'd probably call them obese!!


  1. She's not even remotely overweight! she just looks like a normal, healthy pretty girl. Where did we all suddenly get this idea that skeletal women are attractive anyway?

    1. I honestly don't know, beggars belief doesn't it?
      It's as if they took one look at the photo and gone - Oh look she's got a naturally round face, ergo she must be clinically obese. Um, no!
      Absolutely ridiculous. It makes my blood boil to hear/read such crap, so goodness knows how it makes women feel!