Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Happy Wednesday

Today has been a good day.

The sun was shining once again we've had unbroken good weather since last Friday, that's something of a rarity here in the North West.

I've done some writing.

I went round to my Grandad's and painted his stone flags for him.

Then I came home and did my best Hairy Bikers impression and baked some rather tasty drop scones whilst bumbling around the kitchen addressing thin air as 'dooode' as they do. I am determined to try and gain some cooking ability and find some enjoyment out of doing it, rather than just the enjoyment of eating.

I then went up to my study and began painting a sketch I did on a canvas last week. I haven't painted in yonks, so it feels really good to get into the habit again. I'll be sure to share the finished article when it appears. Whilst doing it I had Genesis 'Selling England By The Pound' and Caravan 'The Blind Dog At St Dunstan's' for company on the record player. Bliss.

Then it was a fry up for tea nom nom nom!

Now, I've just finished watching the finale to Season 3 of The Wire a show I became addicted to last year (I know, I know I'm very late to the party!) And any minute now The Apprentice is about to start, WOOT!

And if I feel like a late night I've The Awakening the new ghostly horror starring The Wire's Dominic West and the lovely Rebecca Hall, which arrived in the post for me today.

Yes, a rather nice day all told.

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