Friday, 16 March 2012

Hammer : Back In Black!

A ripping return to form for the freshly invigorated Hammer (let's forget the remake of Let the Right One In)  This is the studios going back to what they did best in the Bray era. Daniel Radcliffe is very capable in the lead and Ciaran Hinds gives sterling support. Squint and you can imagine this film decades past, perhaps with Shane Briant and Andrew Keir maybe? ;)

This is a good solid 90 minute chiller with several moments that make you jump; some work brilliantly and satisfactorily, whereas others seem to labour the generic fright edit that so startles the modern cinema goer. Now, there's nothing wrong with that per se, but for Hammer and all its tradition you expect something a little more dignified and thought provoking on the scares front. Still, this is a very very minor quibble in a very entertaining film.

A notion; if we are to imagine Radcliffe as the new Hammer Briant then one can only hope the studios use him again in the role of a bad guy as they did for the equally angelic Briant.


  1. A good point to end on, and I like the idea of the studio re-acquiring a stable of regular stars, but not in a deliberate, search-for-a-star kind of way, but just like it was with Cushing and Lee, ie: accidentally. I still haven't seen this, but I'm cheered to hear how well it's doing.

    1. Thanks Matthew :)

      Yes I like that idea too. A lot of people are curious to see how Radcliffe fares after Harry Potter (I'm in that rare minority who has no interest in the franchise at all, I've never read a HP book nor watched one of the films) I felt he did rather well here, but I really think him cast as a villain in the Briant mould would be very interesting and would silence some of his critics certainly.

      Reminds me, must rewatch (and review) Straight On Til Morning at some stage

  2. No, I've never seen or read any Potter either. I gather he's a boy wizard of some sort, but that's as far as I'm able to go.