Thursday, 29 March 2012

Flower Power, Girl Power

More photos and stills from the excellent kooky swinging sixties film The Touchables

I think Kathy Simmonds was my favourite Touchable


  1. Kathy was 18 when she appeared in this, the grooviest of all 60's Mod films. She was my favorite Touchable too. Beyond gorgeous!

  2. 18 and beyond's unfair really, most of us at 18 are far from divine!

    Thanks for stopping by with this info Trevor. Always good to see another admirer of this often overlooked modish cult. Any more info you may have on it or its stars will be especially welcome

  3. I know that there were four of those giant 'pleasure domes' made, because high winds at the shooting location would regularly destroy the inflatable plastic dome. This pushed production well over budget and many weeks late.

    Regarding Kathy, I once read that she got that "Book At Bedtime" scene down perfect in one continuous take. A couple close-ups shots were then added to the final scene. Well done Kathy. Her reading still gives me electrifying ASMR tingles!