Thursday, 29 March 2012

Dago Dirk

Stills from the 1961 Rank film The Singer Not The Song. A bizarre British Western shot in Spain with Dirk a rather campy bandit. He and Co-Star John Mills (as the Priest determined to save his soul) despised each other. Dirk warning that there would be hell to pay if director Roy Ward Baker cast Mills. 
He did and it was allegedly an unhappy set.


  1. OK, picking myself up off of the floor after passing out from how H.O.T. ol' Dirk looks in that first photo...I neglected to mention in a previous comment just what a fantastic actor I've always found Bogarde to be. Just so you know I'm not a COMPLETE perv. Just a part-time one.

    1. I knew you'd like ;)

      Oh don't worry part time pervs or full time even, are always welcome here. God look how many dollybirds I post haha!