Thursday, 8 March 2012

Confessions Of Pan's People

Can you get more 70s than Pan's People dancing to the theme from Confessions Of A Window Cleaner?

Ah Pan's People. Like Fletch in Porridge, I think Babs was my favourite ("Beautiful Babs" he sighs to Godber, adding "I dunno her name!")

Came across this motoring advert with them on their site

And another great routine with them....

Makes me want to crack open the Blue Nun

I wonder if that would have turned Babs's head away from Robert Powell? ;)


  1. Babs is very cute, and a fine looking woman to this day, but she was by far and away the worst dancer (in my opinion).

    My favourite is Cherry. Her hair, her facial expressions, her dancing. Basically, I want to wake up tomorrow and *be* her! ;)

    1. Ooh yes Cherry was brilliant.

      I'm not normally a fan of blondes but Babs just edges it. I'm never sure why. It's a tough call really, I mean just as tough as my Dollybirds poll is proving! Haha

      I wonder if Blue Nun would have turned Cherry's head then? hehe