Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The Art Of Stephen Ward

Stephen Ward was the high society osteopath, artist, SIS 'Joe' and overall patsy of the Prufomo Scandal. His tragic story - he killed himself during the trial, though some say (former Goon and Intelligence man Michael Bentine amongst them) that the SIS murdered him - has fascinated me for years, thanks to the film Scandal (with John Hurt as Ward) numerous factual books and the excellent novel London Blues by Anthony Frewin.

Christine Keeler, the girl at the centre of the scandal
Ward was charged with living off immoral earnings from her

Two portraits of Christine Keeler by him,
 one suitably naughty, the other nice


Mandy Rice Davies,
another alleged girl in his stable

His suitably explicit and naughty portrait of Mandy

Some more of Ward's work....

Lord Eccles

Prince Phillip


  1. That whole period was a fascinating point in English History. You have or course missed out of this interconnected group Dr Emil Savundra, the central figure in the Fire Marine and Auto insurance fraud, who was also part of Stephen Ward's circle. I recall the interview David Frost did with him, his smug arrogant face claiming he had done nothing wrong, wheras in fact he had defrauded thousands of people out of there insurance premiums in exchange for worthless cover.

    1. Ah yes, I know that interview well, great TV