Thursday, 9 February 2012

Withdrawal Symptoms

Borgen finished its run on BBC4 on Saturday, and I'm catching up with it tonight.

A brilliant Danish political drama it was always intelligent, thought provoking, dramatic, mature, witty and beautiful. I'll miss it.

I'll especially miss Birgitte Hjort Sorensen who played young ambitious crusading TV journalist Katrine Fonsmark

Who I believe caused quite a stir in Denmark for flashing her bum in one scene as this front page shows...

More than just a pretty actor with a nice bum and a lovely smile, she was a great character, well played. Danish TV seem to do female role models really well; not just Katrine but the leading character of the show, Birgitte the country's PM played by Sidse Babett Knudsen, and in The Killing, Sarah Lund played by Sofie Grabol. British TV take note! These aren't the tired cliches of tough ballsy men hating tarts with hearts you seem so keen on depicting in crap like EastEnders or Candy Cabs, these are real women that I think the young female generation of this country should really aspire to...not bloody Kat Slater *vom*

Roll on Series 2 I say, hopefully BBC4 will show it...and many more Scandinavian dramas, because they're brilliant.

Here begins my withdrawal symptoms.


  1. Series 2 will definitely be aired. The voice over during the closing credits at the end of the final episode said they'd just had confirmation that the next series would air towards the end of the year. Too long to wait. :(