Thursday, 16 February 2012

Two Dreaded Days In One Week

First there was Valentine's Day *shudders* 

Now, there's today; my date with the dentist in just under two hours for two fillings *shudders even more*

Hate it hate it hate it. As I said in last week's blog entry 'Is It Safe?' regarding the check up; I hate the injection, I hate the feeling of shrapnel bouncing across my tongue as they work at the damaged teeth, but most of all I hate that horrible numb, tingling feeling that will be where my mouth should be for a couple of hours.

I do however like that red coloured fluid they expect you to rinse with, which I take a craft swallow off hehe!

And I like how it gives me the excuse to share this teeth related interesting book cover from the 60s for Len Deighton's conman novel, Only When I Larf

Any Excuse

Oh well, wish me luck yeah? I think I'll lie back and think of this (thanks Michael for the 'introduction' in the reply to my previous blog)

Again, any excuse


  1. Best of luck! Though if Cat was my dentist, I probably wouldn't mind too much. :D

    Probably not a good time to watch that old clip from The Day Today about back alley dentists, but here it is anyway -

  2. Hope that all the dental stuff went as painlessly as possible (I accidentally typed 'painfully' first, sorry).

    My dentist didn't have the pink stuff last time I went, it was a weird greeny-blue one instead, not so nice.

    1. Yeah I got the green stuff too! Ugh nowhere near as nice :( Thanks Cait it went really well actually, but I need two more fillings now too :(

  3. Ooh that weather girl's nice. Hope all was well at dentist's.