Sunday, 19 February 2012

Tony and Diddy - And My Poll Results

And they didn't win with this on last night's Let's Dance For Sport Relief?!


Well the week long poll I instigated last Sunday has come to an end and here are the conclusions as to what you, my faithful blog readers, want to see on here, in order of most popular...

1. Film Stuff - 66%

2. Retro Gubbins - 33%

3. More About Me - 33%

4. Book Reviews - 33%

5. Pin Ups - 33%

6. Fiction - 16%

7. Pic Spam/Art - 16%

8. Music - 0%

Have to say bit gutted music came last, with no votes, as I'm quite obsessed with my music as the Out On Blue Six posts show! Oh well, I'll take on board what's been fed back. Thank you chaps and chapettes


  1. I recorded this last night because we were out at the pictures, couldn't miss this!

    Well I for one want to see more music features on here! but then I forgot to vote in the poll - oops :3

    1. There's is the only one worth watching! They interview Tony's wife and daughter, can't believe she's 15, looking like a real lady

      Ooh did you see anything good?

  2. We went to see 'The Artist' on Saturday which I really enjoyed and then 'War Horse' yesterday which I thought was excellent. I would write about it on the old blog but I'm useless at writing reviews haha.

    I hope Tony's daughter takes after her mother :-P

    1. Cool, The Artist is next on my list. The lead Jean Dujardin I know from his spy spoofs, OSS 117. They take the mick out of 60s Bond films, quite funny