Thursday, 16 February 2012

Tiffany Jones

Tiffany Jones was the Daily Sketch/Daily Mail and internationally syndicated comic strip heroine created in 1964 by all female comic strip team Pat Tourret (art) and Jenny Butterworth (scripts)

It concerned the various scrapes of Tiffany, a swinging sixties 19 year old pert, lively and hip Shrimp style model. 

I'm a great admirer of Tourett's clean and delicate lined drawings and thought I'd include a few examples here.

Actually that last one there, does anyone else think Tourret has clearly modelled Tiffany on Profumo and Rachman Femme Fatale Mandy Rice Davies?

Yeah? Only just occurred me.

Anyway, moving on....

The strip even spawned a feature length movie spin off in 1973 directed by Pete Walker (House of WhipcordDie Screaming Marianne) and starred 70s dollybird actress and auditionee for Jo Grant in Doctor Who,  Anouska Hempel in the titular lead, as well as one of my all time faves and occasional email correspondent (oh yeah the people I know) the lovely, legendary Ray Brooks.

Typical of Walker's lighter work, it is essentially a soft core 'comedy thriller'. He only really made two types of movie really; sex comedy or sex horror!

Hempel, now Lady Weinburg and a hotelier and designer of international acclaim, bought the UK rights to this and another of her films (Black Snake from the same year) in 1998 effectively blocking any screenings, transmission or commercial releases. To say she's not proud of it would therefore be an understatement!

There are however ways of getting hold of it even now.


  1. Had to laugh at picture number 7!

  2. HI, Tiffany certainly has been modelled on Jean Scrimpton, See, When I was young I collected everything on Tiffany! I still have the stories!