Monday, 6 February 2012

That Old British Standby; The Weather

Good morning bloggers, I thought I'd venture out of the usual retro rambling and ask what the weather is like out there?

Here in my little spot of Lancashire we've been *touch wood* quite lucky. There's been no snow, just a lot of rain all day Saturday coupled with some sleet and a bit of hail. It has been suitably cold though, but nothing we're not used to, and yesterday was dry and foggy.

The only difficulty I had with the weather was losing my TV signal for about an hour early yesterday evening, and as Total Wipeout wasn't on, who cares! Haha

No offence to any London readers but I do think there's a bit of mass hysteria down there the minute a light dusting of snow appears. It seems there's panic buying in shops, pleas to stay indoors...I mean, I was listening to Radio 2 yesterday and there was someone on the news incredulous that the roads in and out of the capital were busy at 11pm to Midnight on Saturday night, despite the weather warnings they issued. Do they honestly expect the workforce of the country, the returning hospitality staff, the shift workers, the touring bands, the truckers and the delivery men and women to grind to a standstill just because of a bit of snow?!

Honestly these people should try Riga, Latvia were I'm reliably informed that at -21 if you take your fur hat off for longer than ten minutes you've an instant intense migraine! 

But guess what? They just get on with it. Something that we used to do in fact. I mean look at all those old film pieces from the terrible cold snaps in the 50s and the 60s with people digging their way through snow to get to work, every one of them with a smile on their face and generally just having a chuckle in the face of the by no means overwhelming odds.

In short, you just get on with it, albeit a teensy bit more carefully. I really do think the rise of the idiots and the nanny state have ruined us sometimes.

Anyway, who cares what the weather is like when the lovely Laura Tobin is around as she was yesterday

She genuinely brightens up the day ;)

Ok, I'm aware this blog is beginning to get more blokey than the smell of Hai Karate and stale ale, so to balance things out, here's a weather related something for the ladies 

Back behind the velvet rope girls! ;)

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