Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Snapshots of a Swinging London Girl

Thought I'd share these photos of Anneke Wills from the opening of the fair to middling ITC 60s series The Strange Report

I always felt they captured a certain feel of what it was to be a boutique loving bohemian girl in the 1960s

And on that subject, I thought I'd share a bit of the first BBC drama series to be broadcast in colour (sadly unavailable on DVD because a lot of the episodes were wiped) 'Take Three Girls' which looked at the lives of three girls flat sharing in Swinging London from 1969 to 1971. 

The wonderful music to the series, 'Light Flight' was provided by the folk group Pentangle which consisted of Jacqui McShee (vocals) Bert Jansch (guitar) John Renbourn (guitar) Terry Cox (Drums) and the great Danny Thompson (John Martyn's partner in crime on double bass) 


  1. Firstly, I love those photos of Anneke on Carnaby Street - I'd love to know which boutique she's in!

    Secondly, I really, really want to see Take Three Girls. Susan Jameson and Liza Goddard were really quite stunning. Have you seen the latter in 'Ooh you are awful'? ;)

    1. Hello, I'd a feeling this post might take your fancy!

      They really were weren't they, I'd love to see this (along with many near forgotten gems from that era) I have seen 'Ooh you are awful' yes :) Given my appreciation of ladies bottoms it's a must see! haha