Sunday, 19 February 2012

Penny Irving

The 1970s had an abundance of crumpet and dollybirds. There wasn't just the crucial three-Valerie Leon, Margaret Nolan, Madeline Smith-nor even Caroline Munro, the 70s would also throw up other fondly remembered girls. Girls such as Hitchen's own, Penny Irving.

Born in 1955 she had a prolific time in the 70s when she was in her twenties (indeed, she was stripping off for films like Tiffany Jones at just 18)  She became a familiar face, and body, in modelling jobs like Page 3, Mayfair and Top Of The Pops compilation albums (those crappy boot sale favourites with sound-alikes singing the hits of that year) and on TV in shows like Are You Being Served, Hi-de-Hi, Benny Hill and The Two Ronnies, as well as films like  Carry On Dick and low budget exploitation films like Lindsey Shonteff's Big Zapper and perhaps most famously Pete Walker's The House of Whipcord

Yes,  pocket Penny is still fondly remembered.

She's now long retired from acting and resides in London, keeping a low profile.

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