Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Out On Blue Six : David Dundas (and other news)

Today's rather a big day for me and I need something with a bit of cheek and a confident beat to instil within me, because I've got an interview today for a rather nice job as a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner with the place I volunteer at, and I've got to do a bit of an anxious trek across Manchester to be seen. So, I've chosen David Dundas (who later composed the Channel 4 ident music in the 80s and the soundtrack to my favourite film Withnail and I) and Blue Jeans

As you can see from that video, cheek was also provided by one of Ruby Flipper...her arse was practically hanging out there! Niiiice ;)

I also must mention that Matthew Coniam has, spurred on by my own little blog entry last month, done some excellent research on Mike Raven and conducted some interviews with the great man's family as well. The first part of this is found here

End Transmission

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  1. Thanks for the plug, guv - and all the best with your interview.