Saturday, 11 February 2012

Modesty Blaise - Girls With Guns

Modesty Blaise is former criminal turned spy heroine created in 1963 by Peter O'Donnell and Jim Holdaway. It spawned a comic strip that ran for nearly forty years, ending in 2001, 13 novels, a short story collection, a radio play, one feature film, one TV movie and one straight to DVD release. 

I love the character; I love her purely platonic relationship with her partner the cockney Willie Garvin, I love the stories, the attitude, but perhaps most of all I love the imagery

Robert McGinnis did some wonderful art based on her

 But she's still in fashion today

She's been the basis of two movies; The rather camp and unfaithful Modesty Blaise in the 60s with Monica Vitti

And the gritty but not cheap 'Tarantino Presents' My Name Is Modesty with the rather good Alexandra Staden

Tarantino keeps saying how much he'd like to make a real Modesty movie. I don't care who is behind the camera, as long as it gets made and it stars the only actress right for the role; the beautiful Eva Green

Actually, as much as I love Casino Royale (proper Bond) it's almost a shame to see Green and Daniel Craig as Vesper and Bond, because they'd make a great Modesty and Willie don't you think?


  1. Honestly Mark, posting those pictures of the delectable Eva... you have no idea what you've done to my blood pressure. :P

    And yes, I definitely see the resemblance in that Modesty and Willie frame. Or perhaps Craig and Noomi Rapace? (For a weird crossing over of the two versions of THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO.)

  2. Hands off, Eva's mine ;P Have you seen Bertolucci's The Dreamers with her? That sends BP's through the roof!

    Ah Noomi, good call, but alas-and this sounds really chauvinistic and I don't mean it to be- she's too flat chested for Modesty *blushes*

    Apparently the last word on the potential film was that Neil Gaiman produced a script adaptation of I, Lucifer. But it's in development hell, God knows why! :(

  3. At least let me have her on weekends. Pretty please? :P And oh gosh yes, The Dreamers, my first erm, viewing of Ms Green, and what a viewing it was too!

    As for Noomi, surely she could stuff a few pillows up her sweater or something? Facially she seems almost perfect.

  4. True, certainly better than the blonde Monica Vitti! Or some of the mooted stars eager to play the role in the last 10 years; Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Lopez (?!)

    Go on, the weekends are yours ;)

  5. You know it'll be Anne Hathaway. They cast her as everything at the moment.

  6. I agree 100%, Eva Green is the perfect Modesty Blaise and Daniel craig would have made a perfect Willie Garvin. I also think Hugh Laurie or Colin Firth would be great for sir Terrant. But if Eva Green couldn't be in the movie, who else could play Modesty? I'm suggesting Jennifer Lawrence, Anna Hathaway or Jessica Biel. Willie Garvin Could be played by Nikolaj Coster-Woldau from Game of Thrones or perhaps. Chris Hemsworth. Who should direct? Tarrantino would be great, but so would Josh Wheedon. Wheedon is a very talented
    director who knows how to film female action heroes.

    1. If not Eva then Gemma Arterton.

      I like the idea of Nikolaj Coster-Woldau as Willie. Good call.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  7. I was in love with Modesty in the 60's!
    For me the best likeness to the strip character would be Katy Perry.