Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Magical Mystery Cleared Up!

A big thanks to Steve Weet who replied to a blog entry regular readers may recall from last month in which I asked whatever happened to Mandy Weet aka Miss Wendy Winters from The Beatles film Magical Mystery Tour

Steve, her second cousin, confirmed that Mandy in no way disappeared, she merely changed her name to Miranda Forbes and continued working in small roles across numerous TV programmes in the 70s right through to the late 90s such as Coronation Street, Minder, Lovejoy, The Bill, Ab Fab and Yes Prime Minister, often playing secretaries or nurses.

On checking this on IMDB (who lost Miranda and Mandy as two separate people-I've sent this info to them to combine the credits) I saw that Mandy also appeared in an episode of Casualty in 1991 that I have in my rare collection, and I've taken a couple of screencaps of her in her role as a GP's receptionist. Here she is opposite Edna Dore

Sadly this discovery is tempered by the news that Mandy tragically and prematurely died in 2001 aged just 55.

My condolences and thanks once again to Steve and a belated RIP to the wonderful Miss Weet.


  1. You have a collection of old episodes of Casualty???

    1. I do! I'm a big fan of Casualty :)

      It's not a patch on what it used to be (though it is getting better) but from 1986 through to the late 90s it was a brilliant show, with the early 90s being its golden age.

      I also do a mean Charlie impression ;)

  2. Was it that or Holby City that Jan Anderson was on?
    My God, did I ever fancy her.

    1. Ha, yeah that was Cssualty, though she did occasionally crop up in Holby, including the very 1st episode.

      She popped up in Curb Your Enthusiasm last season! With a very full cleavage I might add ;)

  3. One trip to You Tube later...

    Bless you for the tip-off!