Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Madeline Smith

They are the holy trio.

Yesterday I blogged Margaret Nolan and Valerie Leon. So it seems only fair that I blog the final member of that triumvirate of 1970s crumpet, the Madeline Smith

Doe eyed, sweet, innocent and yet pneumatic; Maddy was perfect for both comedies and Hammer horror in the 70s heyday.

The joy of Madeline, Valerie and Margaret was that they were intelligent, savvy and capable performers and downright nice and down to earth. The adhered to the tropes of the time (which many would argue was staggeringly non PC) but theirs was a more innocent and enjoyable time; because, whilst not averse to 'getting them out', providing titillation or using their figure and beauty as the joke, they adhered to boundaries. Not for them the behaviour of vile and odious breathing blow up dolls like Jordan and Jodie Marsh, all kiss and tells and filth in the laughable name of 'independent women', they drew the line and played the game, sticking to a surprisingly safe clean image. As such they're far nicer, more quaint and still utterly loveable and fanciable.