Sunday, 26 February 2012

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Nothing much on today and little energy so I've spent the afternoon watching some of my DVD of Bouquet Of Barbed Wire

Trouble is, after watching this I always feel like going out and getting a bottle of Blue Nun and a Vesta curry - It's so 70s!

That said though, it is still a relevant, sophisticated and sexy brew treading the fine line between superior incestuous mature drama and the sort of thing Howards Way and Jackie Collins would gleefully do!

Despite the feeling of being fully immersed in the 70s middle class milieu I don't actually feel it's dated all that much. The pacing is fairly strong and quite speedy for that era, the acting is by and large first rate; Frank Finlay is impeccable as always as the father with seemingly impure thoughts and Susan Penhaligon as the cause of them, is perfect as the spoilt little daddy's girl. 

Lastly, if anything, it still shits all over the tepid and pointlessly melodramatic Trevor Eve version of last year.

So, pass the Blue Nun I say!


  1. Oh, my...
    I've never even heard of this program, but just the screencaps make me feel that I would love it for the 70s milieu. Especially like seeing my youthful crush, Roland Curram. I always envisioned him as never much changed from his handsome Malcolm in "Darling." However, a whole new generation of fantasies could be born of seeing him with a 70s porn-stache, wide lapels, and a shirt open to the sternum! Thanks for calling my attention to this, Mark. I don't think we have it here (but I'll be looking).

    1. It's a brilliant series based on the novel by Andrea Newman all about incest and adultery (alas Roland doesn't get to do either, sorry!) He's kept the tache ever since. You'd have loved him in Eldorado in '91, the ageing bachelor gay man signing along to himself "Clang clang clang went the trolley!" haha