Saturday, 11 February 2012

Ken's Girls : Antonia Ellis

A Russell regular, the striking Antonia Ellis appeared in both Mahler (1974) and The Boy Friend (1971)

A very distinctive actress, her key attributes were legs that seemed to go on forever and a smile that broke across her distinctive strong features like sunshine through dark clouds.

Attributes which I think are shown well in these photos from each film.

As anti-semite Cosima Wagner in Mahler...

And as aspiring starlet Maisie in The Boy Friend...

Away from Ken, Antonia put her legs-and a good deal more-to good use in the Hywel Bennett sex comedy Percy (1971)

But she's probably still most famous as Lt Joan Harrington in the Gerry Anderson series UFO (1970)

A quick scoot on IMDB shows she hasn't done anything since 1979; as  a 'party guest' the Dudley Moore US comedy '10' As a fan of Dud I like '10' but I can't quite recall her in it, but then it does sound like a fleeting appearance. 

She seems to be a regular on the fan convention circuit these days.


  1. Great new feature: here's to it being a regular.
    I nominate Sammi Davis!
    Or Georgina Hale!

    1. Thanks. Yeah I'm trying to come up with a range of ideas and always good to ramble about Ken

  2. Oh Antonia
    What stupendous woman you are!

  3. My wife and I just watched The Boy Friend last night; Ellis was fantastic! (I saw Mahler years ago, but don't particularly remember her in that.) Such a shame she hasn't more credits. Sadly underutilized talent.