Wednesday, 15 February 2012

It's Just A Hat

Firstly, I make no claims in being remotely fashionable or fashion conscious.

Let's get that out of the way.

Secondly, it was a bloody cold day and an awkward hurried photograph on my mobile taken with head bent forward. Please bear that in mind when viewing the photograph included in this post... I don't normally look this creepy or indeed this fat!

Let's most definitely get that out of the way! Please!

Anyway, the thing is, at the time of year up here in the great frozen North, it's bloody cold (who knew?!) so I've taken to occasionally going out doors in a hat. A hat I purchased on my last holiday in Yorkshire, from a market stall in lovely little Pickering to be exact, during their Vintage War Fashions Weekend.

It's amazing how hats are viewed. 

There are certain quarters I can happily go about in in my hat and no one will bat an eyelid, the student end-Bold Street and beyond- of Liverpool where I occasionally go drinking for example. 

But there are some areas-around Liverpool One say-that positively warrant huge double take attention from people I pass by. 


It's just a hat right?? Why the attention??

Ok, I've spoke enough, time to show the hat - and again bear in mind all I've said at the top of this post.


Here goes...

Go on, be honest. I can take it...I think!

Anyway as an addendum to yesterday's anti-valentine's rants and the pondering on whether being a couple of being alone is the way forward, I'm reminded of this from the great Larry David

I think that's the conclusive word on the subject don't you?


  1. Haha... you look like... oh who do you look like? Columbo, Sherlock Holmes? Some rumpled detective. Frost??

    You should get a magnifying glass and put it in your pocket.

  2. I was thinking Peter Davison as Campion :)

    I was especially rumpled, sat doubled over trying to stay warm and taking a surreptitious photo. But otherwise looked my usual dapper self. That's my excuse :)

  3. You look like you mean business. :)

    1. Ha thanks. Thinking I could be a young Smiley too hehe

    2. You know, I can just about see it. Maybe Smiley circa the onset of the Cold War, depending on what timeline we're using (I know le Carre revised the timeline at some point to have Smiley born around a decade later than he originally was).

    3. Yeah he was using an early 1900s birth and a late 1920s recruitment for Call For The Dead wasn't he? Which he changed when he realised he wanted to write the trilogy later to somewhere around 1910 for the birth and late 30s for recruitment

  4. I think it looks very smart but I have to agree with everyone else, teamed with that coat you look like a detective! haha

    1. I'm getting cards printed 'Cunliffe Investigations: Divorce, Missing Persons, No Cats'