Saturday, 18 February 2012

The Howard Beale Show

Because I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it any more!

*NB: Howard Beale was a character in the 1976 movie Network played by Peter Finch. A news anchor on the verge of a nervous breakdown, he goes into a spectacular, impassioned rant live on air about the state of the world and, instead of being shunted off air, his outburst galvanises the nation and he becomes his stations' surprise ratings hit, gaining his own show as 'the mad prophet of the airwaves, free to rant about whatever he sees fit. This then, is my own blog attempt to basically get whatever is doing my head in off my boobamajuggs. An attack on all that is 'The Rise Of The Idiots' *

I don't want to sound like a bitter old git, today are bastards aren't they? Not all of them of course, some are probably just like I, or any sane rational type, was at their age. No, I'm talking about the chav scum. The type Jeremy Kyle seems to have a constant direct line too for his horrendous morning TV show.

A little over a week ago I was walking to one of my local off licences. It was cold and it was dark and around 9pm. As I made it onto the pavement that led to the shop on the corner, some kids/teenagers huddled in the corner across the road thought it would be hilarious to shout repeatedly the word 'Gayboy' at me.

Now, I'm not gay but this is deeply offensive any way. What gives them the right to find someone's sexual preference so hilarious and to use it in such a derogatory manner, to take an aspect of someone-or in this case an aspect they perceived of someone, ie me-and to use it critically?

A few years ago, I'd have laughed it off, a few more years ago I'd have turned around and challenged them, but now, I just kept my head down scurried into the shop, bought my beer and scurried on out, vowing to not go out on such a trip so 'late' again, or at least not to do so alone. And that's wrong really, because why should one go about their daily business in fear? And fear from a bunch of irritating chavvy little shits too?

Unfortunately it's just the way it is. You have to be really careful these days as kids today feel like they're untouchable. They know the exact letter of the law and they know that you can't scold them, you can't threaten them, you can't touch them and you certainly can't teach them. They know too that the police will merely just ask them to move on, and they will, before returning to the spot not five minutes later.

We've now got a generation of people out there who feel they're invincible. They are sold on this idea of their basic Human Rights without actually realising or caring that such a right is a two way thing. These are the type of people we see who thought nothing of rioting across the country last year, or inciting to riot, clinging onto some vague notion of 'getting our taxes back' (half of them don't even pay them, they're too young!) and couldn't believe it when legal charges and hefty prison sentences were brought against them. You could almost her them stammer, petulantly, disbelievingly 'B-bu-but you can't do that? I have rights! I didn't do nuffink!'

No because stealing, destroying, causing a disturbance and putting the fear of God into genuine law abiding citizens who do pay their taxes is 'nuffink' isn't it?

*rolls eyes*

Society is alas going to get even more lawless and even more stupid.

I've just been told that possibly those very same kids, and quite a few girls too, were in and around the off licence last night calling the Asian proprietor every racist term they could think of. When one woman intervened saying they should be ashamed to berate a man like that, especially the girls (clinging to this now sadly extinct notion that girls today are still the fairer sex and ladylike) she received a volley of expletives and aggression in her direction.

Welcome to the world we've created.

Lastly, as an addendum my attention has been drawn by my friend Catt to a charitable single to help raise awareness of LGBT bullying among young people. As this blog touches upon the derogatory attitudes of some youth towards homosexuality, I thought this was an apt place to spread the word.

The band is called The L Project and the song is titled 'It Does Get Better'

You can find them here

You can buy it and help raise money for charities to combat such behaviour from the following


  1. God it's a depressing state of affairs isn't it? Never mind badgers, what we need in this country is a cull of idiots.

    1. Well my best friend John who is Jewish still says completely straight faced, though a certain bit of his tongue in cheek, that Hitler had the right idea, he just picked on the wrong people!

      I blame the chavs for voting EastEnders through to Lets Dance For Sport Relief instead of the clearly hilarious Tony Blackburn and David Diddy Hamilton tonight!

  2. I agree totally. They're not going to go away, and the problem is not going to go away.
    By my watch we've got about ten minutes left to put it right, before it's too late forever.
    No trips to the offie for any of us then, except in daylight, and with the head well down.

    1. I completely agree, but I just can't see a way to fix it. Education has to be at it's heart and education has to get stricter and tougher; we have to shape the adult from the child. I've worked in crime rehabilitation and I don't feel prison does anything other than providing a pool for further crime. I fear we've lost any opportunity with some of them now

  3. No respect in today's society. Dicipline lacks too. & thank you for mentioning single :)