Friday, 10 February 2012

Guess Who?



Any takers if I add a co-star?

How about now?


It is in fact - though I'm sure some of you will know -  Diana Rigg, opposite Vincent Price in the macabre horror comedy Theatre of Blood from 1973. Diana played the campy old ham's dutiful daughter and together they avenged (gigglesnort) her father's good name by killing the critics who scoffed at his talents via a range of disguises and inventive demises!

I much prefer her as she normally looks

Interestingly, her daughter, Rachel Stirling took the same role opposite Jim Broadbent in a stage adaptation at The National in 2010. She looks rather like her here

I'm sure Mum was very proud.


  1. I went to see the play. Not all that good, to be honest, but Stirling was great. I've seen her on stage a couple of times and she's always good in films and tv; I just wish she did more. She even sounds like her mum.

    1. Ah that's a shame. Yeah I wish she was more prolific too. I did like her in that body swap thing with Martin Freeman last year, Boy Meets Girl was it? A very good performance