Monday, 13 February 2012

DVD Disasters

I'm currently going through a nightmare of misfortune and sod's law with my DVD players.

Yes, fortune has vomited on my eiderdown once more.

Let me take you through it. In November my faithful DVD/VHS Combi decided to behave erratically; intermittently failing to record and failing to finalise discs. So I decided that as a DVD player is as important to me as oxygen, I needed to go out and purchase a new machine. Well, 'new' to me as my present limited means mean there's no way I can afford £200 on a brand new one, so it was off to the Cash Converters and Cash Generators for me. It soon became apparent that combi machines are as rare as rocking horse shite and so I had to buy a cheap temporary measure of a simple DVD recorder; a neat little Samsung which I installed downstairs and relegated the no longer 100% reliable combi upstairs. 

There was a brief worry in December when the 'new' Samsung decided to spit discs out with the message 'cannot be played' but on the whole, it continued to behave.

Last week the combi finally gave up the ghost, the laser completely knackered and no longer able to read any discs. Which frustratingly means I am unable to copy old VHS material, make duplicate discs or finalise outstanding discs which renders several dozen in my collection unplayable.

And on Thursday the Samsung decided to take the piss too, throwing out the 'cannot be played' message again and ruining several discs.

It's still under warranty until *I think* next week or so, so I resigned myself to having to take it back and do without a machine while the shop attempts to repair or replace it. 

But then it started to behave again! Only for it to throw a wobbly again this morning.

Ach! I don't know what to do

Meanwhile, the search for DVD/VHS combi machines still appears fruitless.

In the grand scheme of things, I realise this is a minor irritation, but it is currently really getting on my titamaboobs (along with the fey sounding Florence Welch plugging some show of hers on 6Music...fake try hard that she is) and as a vote in my poll opposite says I should post more about me, here is this information :)

Incidentally, the picture above is a steampunk DVD player, brilliant eh? I've a feeling they'd be much more reliable technology! Here's some more steampunk pictures just to make this blog entry worthwhile/more substantial. I love this stuff


  1. I've lost count of how many DVD players we've been through in this house, I've come to the conclusion they're not built to last.

    Haha I thought you liked Florence Welch? for the record I never liked her, I find her voice extremely grating. and the less said about the omnipresent Adele the better...

    1. I liked some of her first album, a couple of songs I thought were good, but she herself grates on me. She's very much Emperor's New Clothes. If you ask me, she's a poor man's Toyah and a wannabe Kate Bush. It's all an act and a very obvious one at that.

      I do however like Adele! Sorry ;)

      Indeed they're not. I think the shelf life of any now is 2 years and of course when they break no one repairs them, offering the line 'it's cheaper to buy a new one' *sighs*

  2. Yikes! sorry, I didn't realise you liked Adele. That's ok everyone does it seems...except me, but you'll have to forgive me for that ;-)

    I just generally get fed up with the poor quality of things these days, I wonder what becomes of all this broken electrical equipment?

    1. I do, can't help it. Though I do think for an artiste who has only done 2 albums she is undergoing an incredibly needless amount of overkill. But that's what happens when you get the yanks and the media keen on you I guess

  3. Ack, can't your computer/laptop play DVDs? I got an Xbox and a TV for Christmas... well more of a loan for a TV which has been nice and better then my laptop screen.

    My dad got a combi one from Tesco although it probably did cost about £200. You'll have to save the pennies Mark.

    My BBC iplayer is still behaving like a piece of shit and I am so mad. I have updated my laptop to the nth degree which means my laptop became annoying for a while what with MS keeping popping dialogue boxes up on me for no good reason. "Do you really want to do this" yes, shut up! Oh no you opened a programme do you really wanna do this? Yes. Oh no you turned your laptop on now you have to deal with moronic Windows questions do you really want to do this? NO.

    And for all that BBC iPlayer still does not work.

    I hate having technical problems with hardware or anything. It just makes life crappy.

    1. It makes you realise what a slave we are to tech. Fortunately I have the ability to play DVDs in my laptop and I've one of those TV/DVD combis too...but I tend to record a heck of a lot of stuff onto DVD and without the recorder I'm knackered :(

    2. PS And you're still having iplayer probs? God, sorry :(

  4. Maybe it'd be cheaper to get a thingy to record/receive TV through your computer?

    I don't know what's up with my iPlayer! It's so weird.

  5. There's obviously a more technical word than thingy I'm sure you'll work it out.

  6. Ugh, I feel your pain. It's not quite the same thing, but yesterday the hard disk on to which I save all the TV shows I record on my computer started to fail. It gave me ample warning (well, the whole thing crashed while I was trying to write to it, and it then failed a disk diagnostic test) so I should be able to salvage everything before it pops its clogs, but trying to find somewhere to store over a terabyte of data (including the last two years' worth of Casualty and Holby, plus Case Histories, Spooks and various other shows - yes, I'm a hoarder) is not fun. Nor are the current prices for new hard disks, which have yet to come back down after last year's tsunami wiped out many of the manufacturing plants.

    1. Ach no! :( I'm thinking of starting a support group; The Technologically Bereft Unite!