Sunday, 5 February 2012

Cricklewood Greats

Ok, Ok, I know I've blogged tons today and I really didn't intend to -  even though I do find this thoroughly addictive! - but I simply have to alert your attention to the hilarious spoof that just aired on BBC4 Cricklewood Greats with Peter Capaldi

You have to watch it because, if you enjoy this blog, it is right up your street, spoofing as it does the British Film Industry from Ealing to Hammer, Carry On's to Confessions Of... and lastly Handmade films with pitch perfect satirical imitations that glow with utter fondness for not only the films and personalities they are sending up but also those BBC4 documentaries that explore such long forgotten gems.

I especially enjoyed Kelly Adams (of Holby City and most recently Hustle) as a Barbara Windsor/Margaret Nolan style starlet appearing in the Carry On style series 'Thumbs Up'. 'Thumbs Up Uranus' being my particular laugh out loud favourite of what was a brilliantly funny 45 minutes. 

If you missed it, it is repeated on BBC4 later tonight at 12:35 and again in the week, Wednesday I think *I think*

One of the spoof Hammeresque  film posters from the show

After seeing Capaldi live in The Ladykillers in its debut run at the Liverpool Everyman last year I thought that he, a performer I hold in high esteem, had reached his pinnacle, but he wrote, directed and presented this and once again has blown me away. 

If you missed it, watch it, please


  1. I hadn't known this was on, so cheers for the heads up. Watched it on Iplayer last night with a stupid big grin on my face throughout.
    Loved 'The Flying Pie' bit near the start;very accurate. His gormless face staring out of the pie was brilliant.
    There was too much to take in on just one viewing, so am going to watch it again this morning. Hopefully a dvd will come along at some point. Wouldn't like to think something something as good as this would end up only on youtube or the like.
    Best thing I've seen in ages; thanks again, Mark : )

    1. You're very welcome. I believe Capaldi wants to do a follow up, focusing on the 60s segment, I hope that comes to fruition. I could certainly see this as a series, 6 eps, looking at one spoof film or actor in each ep.