Sunday, 19 February 2012

Being Human and Vampire Art

At last Being Human series 4 actually showed some signs of life beyond George and Mitchell in tonight's episode 'The Graveyard Shift'

It's still a little bogged down in the grave portentous 'end of the world' prophecy gubbins, but at least it was without the Sara Connor style nonsense of the previous two weeks and firmly brought the comedy and the everyday scenarios back to the fore, which was what made Being Human so brilliant on its debut series.

Werewolf Tom is still the best of the (relative) newcomer played with a naturally comic touch by Michael Socha. I love his interesting mix of vulnerability and chivalry alongside his action packed survivor and warrior credentials.

We actually got to see more of Damien Molony's vampire Hal tonight, and discovered two things; one he's an Old One, Lord Hal in fact, and two, he has some chemistry with Socha's Tom, which is a relief and suggests that whilst the series may have jumped the shark a little, there may still be a future.

Also adding to tonight's comedy stakes (no pun intended) were Mark Williams, who I've long since held the belief is a genius when it comes to comedy, making his return as the unlikely ally Regus, The Vampire Recorder (complete with 'Team Edward' T Shirt) and Laura Patch as wannabe writer Michaela

So after a rather good episode, I'm finding favour with it once more, but I'm not as enamoured as I once was, and I can't help but think they're retreading a lot of the previous series plots and stylings (next week's trailer, in which a ghost visits and seemingly upsets the apple cart, setting our heroes at odds with one another, looks not unlike episode two of series one with Dean Lennox Kelly's werewolf, Tully)

Oh well, I'm still sticking with it at least.

And, whilst we're on the subject of vampires, I thought I'd share a couple of artworks featuring them

Robert McGinnis

Victoria Frances (I have this poster)

Victoria Frances

Artist unknown alas, but it's brilliant - Peter Cushing as Van Helsing putting paid to The Count


  1. Loved Being Human today. I think the "End of the World" stuff is actually purposefully over the top, I think so I'm not gonna take it too seriously.

    I loved the humour in it today and the relationship between the three of them. I especially like Hal and Tom's growing friendship. And okay, I liked Hal in his little red apron and all his protective gloves! I also love that old fashioned top he normally wears.

    Him and Tom are just... pure man candy. Sorry, it's shallow but there you go...

    1. So they'd definitely get your phone number? ;P

      "I like your tights, they look like bees, I like bees"
      "Are you coming on to me?"
      "I don't know, is that the same as chattin' up?"


      No need to apologise on the man candy aspect, Michaela there was quite pleasing on the eye for us chaps too :)

      I like your thoughts on the 'end of the world' stuff being purposefully OTT, not sure I agree, but it's a much better way of watching!

      No Htv meant I had to talk about this somewhere!

  2. There was always the end of the world thing in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the writers were quite aware and able to take the piss out of their own fantasy world, which is maybe why I'm seeing something slightly similar in BH.

    Michaela? Really? But she turned Hal and Tom down and she writes crap poetry. Obviously a woman of little taste.

    1. Well I should say the actress, rather than the character! Especially as I have the misfortune to have known someone rather like that!!
      No, the actress was rather striking, and clearly a very capable comedy performer. Loved her little gestures whilst reciting said crap poetry hehe

  3. I was thinking about this again this evening and I couldn't help but start laughing away to myself. Especially the scene with... oh I forget his dame. David Williams isn't it? Mr Weasly anyway. Him in Annie's memory getting kissed by that guy and saying "Oh no, I don't like this" so so funny.

    And Hal saying he wasn't a preforming monkey and then doing it anyway. And that stick on moustache on Hal in the beginning ruined a perfectly good (if bloody) shirtless scene. It looked like someone had attached a dead mouse to his upper lip. You'd think in this day an age they'd either forgo the bad facial hair stick-on or get the actor to grow a real one at some point.

    1. I know my heart sank in that opening bit because a) I felt we'd been through all that before with Herrick and Mitchell and b) that 'moustache' was laughable!

      Mark Williams yeah, brilliant comedy performer. That scene was hilarious!