Sunday, 12 February 2012

BBC Video Ident 1980s

Something from my childhood this; The BBC released videos of the 1980s (Fawlty Towers, The Young Ones, Doctor Who, Watch With Mother etc) used to have this colourful almost Doctor Who like ident accompanied by a then fashionable synth effort from The Radiophonic Workshop.
Sadly in the age of DVDs these things don't really exist any more, you just get a bland BBC and 2 l Entertain logo.
Shame because I love this kind of thing.
Watching this back now makes me feel a strange mixture of reassured, warm glow, slightly creeped out and almost as if we belonged to a Communist Bloc!
Safe to say the 80s were a very different time, the Beeb missed a trick in not putting these on the Ashes To Ashes box sets if you ask me ;)

What do you think?

Are you sad like me?! Haha

They were definitely of their time. Reminds me a little of the knowing aesthetic of Heaven 17 who at the time with their BEF (British Electric Foundation don't you know) label created their own ident, which can be heard here at around 5:14

Spookily pre Glasnost sounding yet totally comforting I find! Like a lot of idents they are at once both the future and the past.


  1. Haha you're right! these would've been perfect on the Ashes to Ashes DVDs. For me the BBC idents from the 90s with the ribbons bring me a strange sense of comfort. I suppose they remind me of my first home, we used to watch a lot of BBC videos then haha

    1. Yeah I remember that one with that kind of dum dum di dum string accompaniment.

  2. And in between the two there was a more ethereal one with a spinning globe. I prefer the original.
    Also love the fist Video Collection ident (dah dah-dah dah-dah, DAH DAH DAH). Magic.

    1. Yeah I liked the globe one too, very percussive wasn't it? I recall it from a Porridge video I had haha