Monday, 20 February 2012


My DVD player woes continue

Returned the wretched thing last week complaining it was faulty. Got a call Friday saying yes it is faulty and we can't locate the issue to fix it, so come on in and pick a replacement.

Went in today, bought a VHS/DVD combi for a tenner extra.

Tried to record on it tonight....

And the damned thing doesn't bloody work!!!!

Pissed off is really seriously not the word.

And my favourite forum online has been down since Saturday :(

And so the bloody cycle continues again tomorrow....

Technology be damned!

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  1. Stamp on it! Throw it out the window! Smash it to pieces!!!

    You'll feel sooo much better.

    1. Tempting, but I fear I'd lose my warranty on it if I did! I'm hoping they'll give me cash back, as the other ones were all cheaper. What's the betting they fob me off with a bloody credit note?

  2. Hope you get it sorted out soon (and that HTV recovers soon, it's typical that the week I'm staying with my in-laws and so have internet access is the one time it goes down).

    1. Oh no, poor timing eh? :( I'm told by our fellow comrades who have FB that Cheryl is on the case. I hope it comes back soon and nothing is lost on there...that's my worry :(

      DVD was taken back in today and it's the same circus; they take it in, check it, if there's a fault they'll offer a replacement or, as the guy said to me today, they'll give me my money back - 'I'll probably get shouted at for doing it,' he said 'but I don't care, we've sold you two dodgy ones and that's not fair' So that's promising at least.

      Thanks Cait