Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Margaret Nolan

Spurred by the excellent http://moundsandcircles.blogspot.com/ which included a legendary photo of the 60s and 70s glamour model cum actress Margaret Nolan covered in gold paint for her role in the title sequence of Goldfinger, I thought I'd share some of Ms Nolan. After all, there's clearly plenty to go round ;)

A 'bless you' performance in Carry On Girls....

Sadly, her scene in the Hitchcock 'neck tie strangler' film, Frenzy, was cut. Here is a still of her being pursued by Barry Foster....

I think I first became aware of her as a child in Carry On Henry, it was, as you can see from these rather slavishly attentive soft core inspired fan vid uploaded by someone on youtube, an arresting sight that no doubt shaped me in the years to come...

She was as the era she found fame in would have it, crumpet and a dollybird of the highest order, second only to Valerie Leon; whom I'm sure I'll blog about soon 


  1. Love Margaret Nolan - very funny as well as, ahem, equipped for the job. I love her whiny voice, and she has a good deadpan way of delivering a corny line. She was excellent in Spike Milligan's Q6.

    1. A very adept comic actor indeed. I remember her fondly not just for the Carry On's but from Budgie and her guest appearance in the first series of Last Of The Summer Wine, and an episode of Steptoe and Son as well as, as you say, Q6.

      She also went by the name Vicki Kennedy for her more graphic glamour shots in the 60s of course.