Monday, 30 January 2012

Horsing Around With Diana Rigg

The Avengers has long been one of my favourite TV shows and, like Frankie Boyle, I do hope someone will invent a time machine soon, just so I can go back and chat the gorgeous young Diana Rigg up.

Needless to say Mrs Peel is my favourite of John Steed's girls.

And speaking of steeds, today I thought I'd share some specific photos of Diana, equestrian style!

Firstly, looking glam in white with a white horse on the beach

As Tracey Bond in On Her Majesty's Secret Service she cut a gorgeous figure in the Spanish horse riding suit. And I love her curled hair on her cheekbones-something my Mum had on her wedding day in 1970!

And lastly, a bit of a cheat, but one of my favourite photoshoots. It's Diana with a jockey (I don't know him, but he must have been famous in his sport at the time)

And breaking him in, the lucky sod....

But it appears he got his own back later


  1. My favourite actress and ultimate heroine. I have to admit to having a bit of a girl crush on her haha

  2. I don't blame you haha! She is utterly gorgeous

  3. The Avengers was never better than in its black and white Rigg days. Let's hear it for her Queen of Sin costume!

  4. The jockey's name is Mr. Leslie Gordon Coles who won the 1962 Melbourne Cup.

  5. I hate seeing what age has done to Diana Rigg's spirited good looks:if anyone deserved to escape the ravages of time, she did:she had a timeless vitality and character that made you watch the otherwise-dreadful material that she appeared in, but her handsome features could only, inevitably,be warped by the years into a mask of hardness and severity-as was the case with Alida Valli.