Monday, 30 January 2012

Taking The PIF : Dark And Lonely Water

A truly terrifying PIF (Public Information Film) from 1973 on the dangers of water voiced, suitably, by horror favourite Donald Pleasence.

What happened to PIF's, are they still being made? Kids need to know safety surely?

I love them. Viewed now they're nostalgic, viewed as a child they were downright creepy yet paternalistic. A wagging finger and a voice of warning for a generation.


  1. I think some PIF's are quite hilarious actually haha I know they shouldn't be but they are! especially those "Charlie says" ones with the mad cat. My brother was scared shitless by Wellyphant as a kid :P

  2. Oh yeah 'Charlie Says' is just brilliantly naff! But that too used to terrify me as a kid. I mean, I'm sure their attempts at cartoon capers was meant to endear the kids, but they really didn't! That cat and the boy just came off as creepy as the dangers they just about avoided!

  3. Donald Pleasence or Ian Holm? Just who WAS the voice of Dark and Lonely Water? Sounds like Don to me, but on other days it sounds like Bilbo. Dilemma!!!

  4. Definitely Don I'd say; one of the actors I can mimic!