Sunday, 29 January 2012

Because Of The Cats

Because Of The Cats may just be one of the oddest films I've ever seen (and believe me, I've seen a lot of odd films!)

It's a Netherlands and Belgian produced curio from 1973 that is based upon the novel by Nicolas Freeling which features his creation Inspector Piet Van Der Valk. However, instead of England's Barry Foster in the role (he'd began playing the Dutch detective for Thames TV the previous year) he's played by England's Bryan Marshall (crap captured submarine captain in The Spy Who Loved Me and friend of Alfie) And his is a notably different Van Der Valk, primarily because he gets his cock out for Sylvia Kristel as the local prostitute (who would go on to become Emmanuelle

It's a disturbing story in that a gang of well spoken teenagers rebel by breaking into the homes of the Dutch elite and prosperous and proceed to gang-rape a woman, forcing her husband to watch. It's the kind of 'Summer of Love' comedown that cinema of that era seemed fascinated with-see also A Clockwork OrangeStraw DogsUnman Wittering and ZigoThe Penthouse etc. Van Der Valk is assigned the case and slowly-and I mean slowly-uncovers a secret society of young and dangerous teenagers in suburban Holland.

It's a strange brew; a Euro pudding complete with the usual grubby, unflinching and downright ugly up close depictions of sex that frankly only those as psychotic as the culprits in the movie would ever find attractive or arousing...and that's just the supposedly normal hurried and snatched love affair between Marshall and Kristel! An exploitation film; It's full of men with dodgy hair and dodgy clothing acting like sexual predators and is in turn a culty graphic horror of the films I have stated in the above paragraph and a plodding policier as befits its origins (indeed having read some Freeling, I hardly think this is close to the source material, but then neither was Barry Foster) It also has one of the weirdest naffest cheery soundtrack openings ever-seriously it sounds like something The Archies would do! Hardly fitting the mood to follow!!

It isn't officially available on DVD but is on several file share sites and I have 2 DVD-R copies, one in Dutch (sent by accident) and one in English!

There's a trailer, of sorts, on youtube....

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